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Content Management Systems

A key component to a successful website is leveraging a Content Management System (CMS).  We believe nobody is better suited to manage the content on your site than you are and a CMS empowers your business users to add and maintain your website content with minimal technical knowledge.  

Ideosity has partnered with Telerik to deliver enterprise websites utilizing their Sitefinity Content Management System. We have experience with a number of other, more expensive CMS systems; all of which still require customization to meet the needs of a robust enterprise. Sitefinity is a proven and solid enterprise-class CMS delivered at a very cost-effective price. Additionally, it provides the building blocks for the enhancements and customizations you’re going to want for your own website.

​Watch the video and read further to find out more about Ideosity and Sitefinity CMS!

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Creating and Managing

With a Content Management System web-based user interface, creating a new page becomes a matter of a few clicks. Drag a content block onto the page and start typing or paste your text directly from Microsoft Word. To edit the text on an existing page, simply log in and browse to the page, make your changes and save.


A benefit of using Sitefinity, is it's ability to allow for custom development. For clients with limited HTML skills available in house, we have built numerous customized “widgets” which allow for simple data entry into a set of fields and display according to a pre-defined format. These widgets can be drag-and-dropped onto a page to create complex, great-looking web pages. In other cases, we have utilized Sitefinity’s native capabilities for entering and storing data but designed custom widgets to display that data in unique ways.

Whatever your customization needs, Ideosity has the knowledge and creativity to make it happen.

We have also built full modules which provide a management interface in the Sitefinity administrative console while exposing functionality to the site visitor. 

Site Administration

Sitefinity has a number of features that ease the task of administering your site. A customizable workflow lets you set up approval processes for content and site layout changes. With the role-based security model, you can ensure only authorized people in your organization are altering content or creating new pages. The security model can also be used to control visitor access to pages.

Social Networking

Use Sitefinty’s built-in publishing tools to push content to your Facebook page and Twitter feed. Aggregate content from various sources and share that content with your visitors or subscribers. Let your visitors keep up to date with RSS and ATOM feeds from blogs and news.

Multi-Language Support

Siteifnity's Content Management System supports creating your content in multiple languages. You can create your content in one language then create mirror versions for other languages. Your layout is copied from your primary language to all others, ensuring your site has a consistent look. Sitefinity also makes it easy to see which pages have yet to be translated so you can be sure every audience is being addressed.

Search Engine Optimization

Out of the box, Sitefinity CMS provides your marketing department with a simple user interface to manage your page names, titles, descriptions and keywords. URL aliasing allow the creation of simple, search-engine friendly URLs in place of long, complex URLs. Sitefinity also gives you a quick view to see which pages are missing meta data, saving you time as you work on your SEO campaign.