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Product Information Management (PIM)

In a time when the primary purchase decision is more likely to be made in front of a computer than in a store, effective product data is your best means of interacting with your customer. With a PIM solution in place you can manage all of that product data in one centralized location.

Ideosity has partnered with Informatica, the world's number one independent provider of data integration software and a leading provider of Enterprise PIM solutions. We recommend and implement Informatica PIM for our customers because it has robust product management abilities, a powerful user interface, multi-language support, scalability, and exceptional import and export capabilities. We believe Informatica's Enterprise PIM Suite is the best PIM solution on the market today.
Informatica PIM provides retailers, distributors and manufacturers with an end-to-end, transparent process along the product information supply chain. Informatica PIM controls company-internal data management and data integration, including omnichannel commerce. Some benefits of PIM include:
  • Higher margins & conversion rates in e-commerce
  • Efficient supplier collaboration
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Operational efficiency with auomated processes
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PIM 360 Degree View of Product Data

360- degree View of Product Data


Information about a company's products are typically scattered across many contrasting websites and databases. This can create a confusing environment for both customers and sales professionals.

PIM creates a central repository of all product data for the purpose of distribution to all information and sales channels. This single view of product information is a key component for both operational and analytical processes. The PIM will ensure that all information related to a specific product is synchronized across all channels such as the company’s website, catalogs, and ERP system.

Benefits of PIM

- Faster time-to-market
- Increased customer loyalty
- Higher conversion rates and margins
- Improved multichannel execution
- Efficient supplier collaboration

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Imagine updating all your distributors’ sites with new product information when you do. PIM can make that happen.

Ideosity and FullTilt

Have you outgrown your FullTilt installation? Need multi-language support? Our staff has experience migrating FullTilt customers to Heiler Product Manager. Preserve your existing hierarchy and workflows. Gain a more powerful user interface and multi-language capabilities. Lose the restrictions on the number of products in your system.